Corporate Law

Corporate law, in all its disciplines, is one of the core areas of our law firm's advisory activities. We advise private companies and stock corporations of all sizes up to nationally and internationally operating group companies. Almost any strategic corporate decision raises corporate legal questions, which we will gladly assist you resolve. These may relate to the foundation of your company, the change of its legal form, the spin-off of parts of the company, restructuring measures, capital measures, and company succession.

In terms of content, no other legal field presents such comparable interdependencies and reciprocal effects with accounting and tax law. Therefore, our formative advice integrates expert knowledge of corporate, tax, and accounting law with entrepreneurial foresight and specific industry expertise in many sectors. Our advice is not based on ready-made standard solutions: your specific needs are always the starting point and guideline for our consulting services.

Apart from our creative consulting services in strategic projects, we are also glad to take on tasks in the sector of your "corporate housekeeping" (board affairs, preparation of and advice on shareholders' meetings, drafting of business regulations) and also to represent your company's interests or your rights as a shareholder in legal disputes in front of ordinary courts and in arbitration procedures.