Environment & Energy

Environmental and Energy law requirements have an increasing influence on entrepreneurial decisions and on the economic success hoped for when they are taken. Therefore, nowadays a sound knowledge of the content and the successful application of these requirements is essential for conducting business successfully.

We advise investors, project developers, planners, project funders and regulatory authorities on the legal requirements for environmental protection and the necessary procedures for their application. This includes the identification of permit requirements, the preparation and monitoring of permitting procedures in close contact with authorities and expert consultants and the representation of your interests in negotiations with authorities and other stakeholders. Should the need arise, we defend environmental permits or appeal against such permits for you.

We render comprehensive legal advice to energy firms and industrial companies generating power for their self supply and/or the supply of the public grid. Our services include the drafting and negotiating of contracts for the production of primary energy in order to make the most of the opportunities of combined heat and power generation and renewable energies, as well as counsel and representation in all emissions trading issues. One focus of our practice is the extensive legal advice on the establishment of new and the modernisation of already existing power plants including all permits required in this process. Furthermore, we assist you in public relations, which are particularly important in all projects in the energy sector. We also draft settlement agreements and negotiate with neighbours and stakeholders. If necessary, we defend permits for power plants and other projects in administrative and court proceedings with the aim to obtain a final and effective permit as quickly as possible.