The legal requirements for food and consumer products are many and varied -- and subject to constant change. Accordingly, this area requires a particularly high degree of legal specialization and experience. We believe having the right kind of network is essential for providing expert advice in the area of food and consumer products. It is critical in our opinion to ensure fast information exchange with associations, authorities and scientists through close cooperation.

Our experience 

Our law firm has decades of experience in food and consumer products. Our clients include large and mid-sized national and international businesses and associations in the food, consumer products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals sector. Substance law and law governing materials and articles intended to come into contact with food and the body are among our core competencies, thus chemicals and packaging firms are among our clients. Besides manufacturers we also advise prominent retailers. 

We not only know the law, but also industry standards and guidelines, the practices of industry, commerce and regulators, relevant case law and administrative procedures. In particular:


Our network

We keep abreast of the latest developments at all times, in part through active participation in numerous associations and organizations pertaining to food and other areas of commercial law. For more information on our volunteering commitments and the lecturing/public speaking activities of individual attorneys see the "Contacts" pages.

In addition to legal competence, our expertise in food & consumer products is also founded upon scientific competence with the materials in question, which is an absolute must. Our approach has always been interdisciplinary in nature, working in collaboration with technologists, chemists and other scientists whenever necessary (as is often the case in disputes with authorities and competition litigation). One of our partners in this area for example is foscon  Food Solutions Consulting Network/Dr. Wittner GmbH. 

In and outside Europe we have numerous contacts with highly specialized, expert firms. This enables us to provide your business counsel on an international scale.

Our services 

Our work is characterized by technical precision, speed, pragmatism, and practical relevance. Motivation, persistence, reliability, continuity, clarity of presentation and perseverance are our strengths. Our internal culture is about professionalism, as are our interactions outside the firm.

In addition providing to comprehensive legal advice as described above, we offer additional services such as presentations and training sessions for your employees and regular in-house seminars on current topics.

We invite you to contact us at any time!