Industrial Settlement & Infrastructure

Implementing our clients‘ projects is our goal. Be it the expansion of a road or an airport, the realization of an industrial plant or a high tech research unit, or the erection or operation of classical or renewable energy power plants, we will support you in the implementation of such projects. In the realization of industrial settlement and infrastructure, the requirements of various fields of law are involved, which we bring together in one hand. We support you from the first planning steps on through the approval process up to the erection and operation of your facility. It goes without saying that hereby the core of our consultancy is providing legal advice. In doing so, we closely cooperate with surveyors and experts. Beyond this, we also support you – if requested – in dealings with neighbors, citizens’ initiatives and the press. Due to many years of monitoring projects of any kind in the sector of industrial settlement and infrastructure, like for example the expansion of the Airbus plant and airfield for the construction of the A 380 in Hamburg or the installation of the XFEL accelerator at DESY in Hamburg as well as the accompaniment of numerous power plants and energy parks, we have the experience and the competence to support and implement your project in an optimal way.