Public Sector

Every individual, and certainly every participant in economic life, is obliged to comply with the legal framework established by courts and legislatures. Laws and regulations shape the framework for conducting business activity in many and various ways. Be it permit requirements for plant construction and operation, the charging of fees or contributions or the tendering of public contracts, public law plays a significant role in any form of business activity. The laws and regulations created on the four levels of legislation – the EU and federal, state and local governments – are subject to frequent change, due in part to their inherently political nature.

Staying on top of these changes is our primary mission, in order to reliably advise our clients on how to systematically achieve their desired goal. To this end, we provide our administrative law expertise, which extends from advising on proposed legislation and administrative procedures to representation in administrative court. Our comprehensive approach to legal counsel is especially beneficial in realizing developments or conducting projects. Rather than simply answering legal questions posed, this involves the early identification of the full spectrum of legal requirements, timely communications and public relations work with project participants and stakeholders, and comprehensive project support. In such situations, we see our role as members on our client's team.

We provide counsel and representation to private businesses and public-sector entities on matters of public law. Our clients benefit from the experience and knowledge gained concerning the internal decision-making processes in place within businesses and administrative authorities. Because of the extreme importance of observing formal requirements and of written legal texts in public law, we insist on maintaining the highest professional quality available in the industry.