Local governments & commissioned authorities

In Germany, the provision of efficient public services and infrastructure is generally the responsibility of local governments and municipal coalitions. Local government plays a large role in Germany, holding a legal mandate to perform many tasks.

We specialize in advising local governments and commissioned authorities on their economic activities, levying taxes, urban planning and specialized urban planning law as well as designing bylaws in select areas, representing them as necessary. Dependence on tax revenue, while chronically overspending federal and state governments retain most taxation rights, creates a great need for advice on local government constitution and budgeting law.

As a specialized law office, we adapt to local government mandate structures as required. Maintaining an environment of collegiality in interactions with administrative personnel is every bit as important to us as convincingly presenting the work we perform together to local government decision-making boards and regulatory authorities. Our activities in this area are closely bound up with long-standing client relationships. Being knowledgeable about local circumstances, we place special emphasis on close cooperation, as working with an "outside consultant" is not right for the situation.