Dr. Rolf Zeißig

+49 30 247574-73 (Assistant Anja Bendin)

Born in Brühl in 1965, Dr. Rolf Zeißig studied law in Bonn, Hamburg and Berlin. He was a research assistant at the Department of Labor and Social Law at the University of Potsdam and obtained a doctorate in labor law on the subject of “The Conservation of the Status Quo of Works Council Agreements in the Event of Termination”. Dr. Zeißig has worked as a lawyer since 1996 and as a specialist in labor law since 1999. He has been with ZENK since 2002.

Dr. Zeißig is partner with ZENK.

Dr. Zeißig specializes in advising and representing board members, managing directors and executives.

He is a member of the German Bar Association’s working group on labor law. Furthermore he is author of various articles and co-author of the Rechtshandbuch Führungskräfte (a legal handbook for senior executives) and the handbook Rechtsstellung der Führungskräfte im Unternehmen (The Legal Status of Executives in Companies).