Iris Kahl-Hinsch

+49 40 22664-162 (Assistant Iris Engelmann)

Iris Kahl-Hinsch was born in Hamburg in 1963. After graduating from high school, she trained as a tax and business consultant. She then studied law in Hamburg. She was admitted to the bar in 1998. In 2004 she was appointed as a tax advisor and in 2012 as an auditor.

After many years of working in medium-sized consulting firms in Hamburg, Ms Kahl-Hinsch has been working for ZENK KEMSAT, the tax cooperation partner of ZENK Rechtsanwälte, since 2023.

Ms Kahl-Hinsch focuses on tax law, in particular in the areas of shipping and real estate, as well as on conducting proceedings before the fiscal courts, including the Federal Fiscal Court. She also has extensive experience in the field of corporate law as well as in providing tax advice to companies and their shareholders.

Ms Kahl-Hinsch is co-author of the Lademann Income Tax Commentary published by Boorberg Verlag and the AO Commentary Hrsg. Zugmaier/Nöcker published by NWB Verlag. Together with colleagues, she regularly publishes essays, in particular on the subject of tonnage taxation.