Company Screening

Do You Know Your Company?

On a daily basis, you make entrepreneurial decisions which often determine the further development of your company. You and we know: You know your company.
Sometimes, however, it is important that others also understand your company as you do. And sometimes the focus on the big picture obscures the view for the many small details.
 What Do We Mean By “Company Screening”?
By “company screening” we define a structured legal inventory of your company. On your behalf, we take the perspective of an interested third party and search for specific risks. You choose which screening modules are appropriate for your company or the specific situation. A flat-rate price for all selected screening modules helps you to calculate the costs right from the start. Alternatively, you can opt for the ZENK 360° screening, which covers the most important legal areas in our experience at a particularly attractive flat rate and provides you with a clear all-round view of the legal concerns of your company.
Full Control of Costs
We get to know each other in a personal meeting in which we define the individual content and scope of the screening together with you – these preliminary services are of course free of charge.  The implementation of a company screening then takes place on the basis of a flat-rate price. You take no risks and have full control of costs. We will be happy to make you an initial non-binding offer.