Anne Vogel, LL.M.

“Head and heart dedicated to the case.”

+49 30 247574-26 (Assistant Stefanie Böhm)
+49 30 247574-41 (Notary's Office Kathrin Werner)


Born in Potsdam in 1987, Anne Vogel studied German and French law in Potsdam and Paris, where she obtained her bilingual Maîtrise degree in 2008. Alongside her legal clerkship, she studied corporate and tax law at the University of Potsdam and graduated with a Master’s degree in 2012.

Anne Vogel has been an attorney at ZENK since 2012 and regularly works as a notary’s representative. Since 2018 Ms Vogel has been a specialist in construction and architectural law. Since March 2021 she has been a notary.

Anne Vogel is partner with ZENK.

She is active primarily in the field of real estate law, where she advises and assists clients on construction projects. In particular, she advises on matters of private construction and architect law.