Notary's Office

Notarial Activity Far Beyond Standard Contracts

The legislator requires notarizations and certifications by a notary public for numerous transactions. At our Berlin office, our partner Dr. Oliver Nowoczyn and the two partners Anne Vogel, LL.M. and Irene Schmid, LL.M. (Cambridge) offer our clients notarial services as independent holders of this office.

We attach independent importance to notarizations such as custodial transactions and pay particular attention to the individual drafting of contracts. Particularly within the scope of notarization under company and real estate law, we offer comprehensive advice in order to optimally take into account financing structures.

The same applies to notarial advice in the field of matrimonial property and inheritance law as well as to all questions of corporate succession.

Deeds can also be drawn up in English and French in our notary’s office.

You can reach Ms. Kathrin Werner at +49 30 247574-41 for Dr. Nowoczyn and Ms. Vogel, LL.M.

You can reach Ms. Nadja Borchert at +49 30 247574-65 for Ms. Schmid, LL.M.