Claudia Gehricke

+49 30 247574-61 (Assistant Helena Pavlovic)

Claudia Gehricke, born 1986 in Berlin, studied law at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder and at the University of Essex, UK. She completed her legal traineeship in Berlin at the Court of Appeal and was already working at ZENK’s Berlin office during her traineeship. Further stages of her legal traineeship took her to the Federal Ministry of Economics and an international business enterprise, among others.

Claudia Gehricke has been a lawyer at ZENK since 2015. She is a salary partner at ZENK.

She primarily works in the area of public building and planning law as well as public tax law, specialising in development contribution law and road construction contribution law. In addition to private owners and developers, she primarily advises municipalities on the drafting of statutes and assists them in the settlement of development and road expansion costs in accordance with the relevant contribution law provisions.

In addition, the law on grants and subsidies, but also the law on employment and civil servants in the higher education sector form further focal points of her work, so that professors and university lecturers are also among her clients.

Ms Gehricke has had particular expertise in residence law for many years, within the scope of which she primarily advises and represents employers, companies and scientific institutions on all questions and in all procedural stages of the immigration of skilled workers.