Dr. Martin Düwel

“Talking is silver, understanding is golden.”

+49 30 247574-58 (Assistant Kristina Fischer)

Born in Göttingen in 1966, Dr. Martin Düwel studied law and history in Regensburg, in Aberdeen, UK and at the Free University of Berlin. From 1994 to 1998, he worked as a research assistant at the Institute for State Studies, Constitutional and Administrative Law. He has been active as a lawyer in Berlin since 1996.
In 1999, he received his doctorate in constitutional law on the subject of of “Oversight Powers of the Federal Constitutional Court in Constitutional Complaints against Judicial Decisions”. Dr. Düwel has been with ZENK since 1999.

Dr. Düwel is partner with ZENK.

He became a specialist in administrative law in 2005, with a special focus on municipal service provision and environmental law. In this capacity, he guides and advises municipalities and municipal & commercial enterprises on the financing of public institutions through public taxes, the structuring of public enterprises (including the award of public contracts) and the fulfilment of environmental law requirements, with a focus on management and environmental liability.

Dr. Düwel holds lectures and training courses on municipal, environmental and environmental liability issues for municipalities, municipal authorities & companies and the waste management industry.

He is co-author of a piece of commentary regarding the Local Tax Act (Kommunalabgabengesetz) of the State of Brandenburg and serves as chairman of two wastewater advisory boards in PPP models.