Dr. Peer Feldhahn

+49 40 22664-160 (Assistant Britta Hidde)

Born in Lübeck in 1974, Dr. Peer Feldhahn’s career as a lawyer began in 2004. He has been a specialist in construction and architectural law since 2009.
He spent the first 10 years of his career at a renowned construction law firm and the following five years as a partner in a commercial law firm.

Since January 2019, Dr. Peer Feldhahn has been supporting the real estate & construction division of ZENK Rechtsanwälte.

Dr. Peer Feldhahn is partner with ZENK.

He advises clients on major projects in the contract drafting, public procurement and construction fields (claim management and anti-claim management) and has many years’ experience providing legal support for the development of building construction and plant engineering projects. Dr. Feldhahn also has many years of experience in commercial tenancy law and facility management.