Data Protection Law & Information Law

The proper handling of sensitive data is an increasingly important issue. In today’s business world, personal data is the raw material for targeted marketing and has thus become an important economic asset.

Private individuals, interest groups and companies alike attempt to obtain data held by authorities about other private individuals, organizations or enterprises by invoking environmental information or freedom of information regulations. However, these claims are often a smokescreen for industrial espionage.

Legally, the person requesting the information is not required to have a legitimate interest in obtaining it. Conversely, there are also isolated attempts to defend against requests for information and disclosure by citing the violation of company and trade secrets as an excuse.

Due to the many complex provisions of the German Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act, the constantly evolving technical possibilities and the severe penalties for breaches of data protection law, caution is required when dealing with data security and data collection.

With a team of lawyers specialized in data protection law, ZENK can provide in-depth support for all matters of data protection and information law. We help you to balance your entrepreneurial interests with the right of individuals to informational self-determination, regardless of whether this concerns your employee or customer data.