Residence Law and Immigration of Skilled Staff

The right of residence is part of the German immigration law, which allows residency in specific cases, without having a German citizenship. The right of residence contains the relevant regulations for foreigners, who are not citizens of a member state of the European Union, the EEA or Switzerland (so called “third-country nationals”) and who want to enter Germany to reside and work there.

In all stages of the legal proceedings, we advise not only third-country nationals themselves, but also companies and employers seeking help in a comprehensive and qualified manner on all residence law issues concerning their (potential) employees. We can support you in all steps the German law requires to obtain the right of residence, e.g.:

  • the preliminary examination by employers
  • the application for a visa
  • the application for an initial time-limited residence permit and its prolongation for different residence purposes (e.g. residence at first for the purpose of education and later for employment or a change in the job design)
  • the proof of the existence of the temporary right of residence up to obtaining an unlimited settlement permit.

Additionally, we host a team of lawyers specialized in employment law, who  examine and/or draft employment contracts to meet your needs and comply with the requirements of the right of residence, and the demands of the German Authority/Agency for Foreign Nationals and the Federal Employment Agency as well.

The right of residence is subject to regular legislative adjustments due to the labour market situation in Germany. Most recently, the right of residence was amended by the Specialist Immigration Act with effect from 01.03.2020 in order to facilitate the targeted immigration of third-country nationals with specialist skills. We can provide you with specialized support in all questions regarding the applicable changes brought about by the new Residence Act and help you take advantage of the respective benefits for yourself, your employees and the company.

We have the necessary expertise in all employment branches concerning health and healthcare and catering sectors, as well as for universities and for organisations in the sciences and scientific fields, and we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice. Please contact us.