Start Up Your Ideas with ZENK

ZENK Rechtsanwälte accompanies start ups in the digital health (Berlin) and food (Hamburg) sectors, hands on and efficiently geared to the operative business, but also with foresight for their development.

You bring the ideas for innovative products – we provide the professional competence to support you in the realization! You are about to launch a new product, the long-awaited trade listing or the first warning flashes in the house? We offer the necessary toolbox to help you overcome all legal hurdles!

Digital Health/Medtech

Digital solutions in medtech are rapidly entering the healthcare sector, but succeeding in the “digital health” ecosystem is challenging.

Startups face high demands while developing innovative software and hardware. Stringent quality and regulatory requirements ensure product safety but also limit market access. Perseverance and reliable business partners are essential for success.

ZENK provides sustainable and pragmatic advice to companies in the medtech and life sciences industries. We assist with market entry strategies and structuring contractual relationships. Our expertise lies in designing effective partnerships between startups and established companies. We handle various types of contracts, including project contracts, research and development agreements, usage agreements for shared facilities, and complex joint venture structures. We have a proven track record of implementing tailored partnering models.

Life Sciences/Food

Especially in the food sector, start up founders and young entrepreneurs are faced with high demands.

Specifications for product safety and product labelling must be respected. Stable financing and the right corporate legal form are necessary.

How can they communicate their advertising messages to their customers without being penalised for doing so? We support founders in all these questions.

ZENK is a law firm with tradition, young spirit and decades of expertise in the food industry. We advise on food law, industrial property rights – i.e. patents, trademarks and designs – as well as on labour law and all corporate law issues, in particular with regard to start-ups and financing rounds.

Labor Law for Start ups

Best practice for founders and start-ups is our hobbyhorse. While you keep a firm eye on your ideas, product development and financing, we support your start-up in all aspects of labour lawIn the start-up phase, where it is important to create clear structures and to map personnel growth in a contractually clean way, we help you with our decades of experience to avoid all typical beginner’s mistakes.

Achieving Corporate Goals

We also support you in the naturally rapid changes and developments of your start-up idea in order to exclude economically negative consequences. Even in difficult phases, you want to remain agile with your company and react to current trends or changing customer demands. We are sensitised to a new generation of companies and are your helping hand in all labour law issues in the different development phases of a start-up.

Winning – and Keeping – Competent Employees

In the start-up business, the main thing is to stand out from the competition. This applies to both external representation and internal structures. Incentives for employees that are attractively designed in terms of labour law give you the necessary edge and make your company attractive on the market for junior staff. Because we all know that the success of a company is significantly influenced by the skills, knowledge and values of its employees.

With their decades of experience, our experts in labour law will of course continue to accompany you once your start-up idea has grown up.