Industry establishment & infrastructure

From planning to commissioning

ZENK lawyers accompany you through all project phases
No matter whether you are planning a road or airport extension, the realisation of an industrial plant or a highly technological research unit, or the operation of a power plant of classical or renewable energies – we support you in the planning, implementation and commissioning of such projects.
The realisation of industry establishment and infrastructure involves meeting requirements from a wide variety of legal fields. We offer these services from a single source. We accompany our clients through the complete implementation process of a project with legal support. We work closely with expert assessors and appraisers.
In addition, we can also advise you on how to deal constructively with neighbours, citizens’ initiatives and the press.
Many years of experience and cross-disciplinary cooperation
We have accompanied numerous projects relating to the establishment of industries and infrastructure, often over many years, including:
  • Airbus plant and airport expansion for the construction of the A380 in Hamburg
  • Construction of the XFEL accelerator at DESY in Hamburg
  • Numerous power plants and energy parks
We will also be happy to accompany and implement your project with our experience and expertise.

Power supply

Are you a project developer, plant manufacturer or plant operator? You will receive our comprehensive technical expertise in the field of conventional and renewable energies, whether in the planning, construction or ongoing operation of energy plants.
In the field of conventional energies, we offer an all-round service. Starting with planning law, including the approval procedure and advice on public procurement law, we advise you right up to the drafting and negotiation of all contracts for the construction of a power plant as well as the drafting of purchase contracts for the primary raw material.
We examine funding opportunities and consider the consequences of emissions trading, as well as drafting and negotiating contracts for the supply of useful energy (heat, steam, refrigeration) and electricity.
We advise you in detail on all topics in the field of renewable energies:
  • Off-shore and on-shore wind energy
  • Photovoltaics
  • Biomass
  • Hydropower
We support you in all steps of the implementation of your project, from the first project idea to its successful realisation and its ongoing operation as well. In addition we advise on transactions such as the purchase and sale of wind and solar parks.
Our legal activities also focus on advising local authorities and energy supply companies on the issues of road usage contracts and grid takeovers.
In the field of waste to energy, we can provide you with comprehensive support based on our experience and expertise, especially in times of radical change in waste and energy law. We will be pleased to assist you in the realisation of all your energy supply projects.

Subsidy law

The construction and expansion of business premises is considered particularly eligible for funding. In particular, construction and expansion projects in the eastern German federal states and Berlin are generously subsidised (up to 50%). Usually, this is done through investment subsidies and grants from the joint task for the improvement of the regional economic structure. Even in western German federal states, funding rates of up to 35% are not uncommon.
However, there are complex and varying conditions and restrictions for state financing and subsidies. In order to fully exploit the subsidy potential for your project, careful planning and appropriate design are necessary. This applies not only to business premises, but also to infrastructure activities such as ports and railway sidings which are separately eligible.
The construction and expansion of operating sites outside assisted areas can obtain financial support as well if they serve as a model and involve environmentally friendly processes and products.
We ensure that you fully exploit the funding potential for your plan and we support your project from the initial project idea to successful implementation.

Capital markets & finance

In our capital markets and finance practice area, we advise our clients on all issues relating to capital law, corporate financing and financial products.
Our clients are first and foremost:
  • Banks
  • Financial services institutions
  • Capital-seeking companies
Specialists in state aid law will also provide you with comprehensive advice on options for state funding by the German federal government or the EU in order to identify funding potentials and explore further funding.

Planning & approval

We advise and represent our public and private clients in creating the planning and approval requirements for their projects:
  • Exploration of suitable areas
  • Determination of approval requirements
  • Preparation of permit applications
  • Accompaniment through approval procedures in dealings with authorities
  • Defence or challenge of permits
  • Preparation for the conclusion of urban development contracts
  • Accompaniment through urban land-use planning procedures and regional planning procedures
It goes without saying that we also use our experience and knowledge to carry out due diligence in the acquisition processes of real estate or facilities.